What is “Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest”?

“Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest” is a fun, memorable, live connecting event designed specifically for girls (ages 5-12) and their parents or adult mentors. You will embark on a 2 hour “royal quest” where you will help your daughter discover she is part of God’s royal family, she has true warrior strength within her grasp, and she has a special purpose that can only be fulfilled by warrior princess courage!

What happens during this event?

Our onstage Quest Leaders will guide you through multiple activities throughout the evening. There will be movie clips, games, quest challenges, dance moves, and many inspirational connecting moments, all designed to keep you laughing, dancing, and connecting with your daughter, while also teaching her biblical tools to show and share God’s love and strength!

What are the basic concepts that girls and their parents/mentors will learn?

– You will learn about God’s royal family!
– You will learn how God protects and strengthens his warriors!
– You will learn the purpose of a Warrior Princess in God’s kingdom!
– Your daughter will feel gifted, empowered, and valuable just as she is!

Why is this event important?

“Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest” gives you opportunities to connect with your daughter in ways you cannot usually experience. You will build a stronger bond while you’re having fun, making new memories, and learning more about God together! At the end of the night, everyone will discover that they learned a lot while having a great time!

Finding ways for you to connect and build trust with your daughter is crucial at this stage of life because we all know it can become more difficult to communicate as those teen years get closer! You will walk away with a new warrior princess “language” that will make talking about God and facilitating Christ-like attitudes easier for many years to come!

“Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest” equips both you and your daughter to communicate better, to trust one another, and to learn biblical truths that will be the foundation you will build upon through life’s challenges and victories!

Are costumes allowed?

Absolutely! We encourage EVERYONE to dress up! In the show, we talk about crowns, dresses, armor, shields, helmets, etc, so the more the merrier! You too, dads!!! Wear your best princely robes or favorite warrior costume! Just make sure your costume allows you to move around because our quest challenges are high-energy!

Who do I contact if I want to book this event?

Please go to our Contact page and fill out the “Book an Event” form and we will contact you to further discuss the event!

We cannot wait to come to your area and share these important Biblical truths in such a fun way with your families.

Where can I purchase tickets to an event?

Go to our Tour page and click on the Buy Tickets link for the event you want. If there is no Buy Tickets link yet, contact the local church/venue directly (and check back here often because we add information as the show gets closer).

Have a different question?

Send an email to bhgcomments@gmail.com and someone will contact you very soon.